news6.jpg An integrated approach to specimen based plant diversity research

The plant diversity research team at Oxford Plant Sciences work on taxonomy, phylogenetics, forest ecology, biodiversity and conservation.

As well as contributing to a fundamental understanding of plant diversity, our research activities lead to widely used, practical outputs that help to measure, manage and conserve this diversity globally.

This website provides an overview of our activities, people and publications as well as digital access to many of our historic and modern botanical specimens, images and illustrations.

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Revisions and monography

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Understanding and measuring plant diversity

Half the world's natural history specimens lack correct name

Specimens from 1606, our oldest collections

The Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford is one of the leading UK university departments dedicated to research and teaching in plant biology. It has active research programmes in three interlinked areas under the theme Genes, Genetics and Genomics: Biochemistry and Systems biology; Cell and Developmental biology; and Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. The department houses the Oxford University Herbaria and has close links with the University of Oxford Botanic Garden.

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